Sunday, February 12, 2012

Images of Hope || Calgary Lifestyle Photography

Meet Heather, one of the winners for the Greybrook Giveaway that occurred at Christmas; her friend Christie nominated her for her breast cancer journey and the inspiration that she has been throughout it. This weekend I had the honour of meeting Heather and sharing in a part of her journey towards recovery - together, with her husband Bryce, her little dog Stella and a couple of friends that were their for emotional support, we took pictures of this beautiful family. Throughout the afternoon, we captured an array of portraits and more personal images of Heather to capture her beauty and show her strength that she has displayed day after day through adversity. This sneak peak includes the less personal pictures of the afternoon we shared together - I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed being a part of this story.


  1. Those pic's are gorgeous.Very stunning both of you guys.

  2. So proud of you Heather!!! Keep each other close, everything else is trivial, I promise you both. You have a second chance at life, its uphill from here. You did what not many people can do. Words cant describe the ride you've been on, believe me, Casi and I know. As a survivor myself, there seems to be a bond between us all. Unspoken words and thoughts are now known by yourself. Just a look and we both just know, does that make any sense. Sorry if it doesn't. Ok now I'm babbling!!

    Bryce, the hardest part of my 2 battles with cancer was watching Casi watch me. The courage, strength and commitment to Heather proved how unbelievable you are. You dug deep, continue to do so and I know how much pain you endured as well. Just wanted to let you know it didn't go unnoticed. Your a good man, great husband and she's lucky to have you!!

    All the best you 2 !!

    Shaun Mckernan